Monday, November 10, 2008

Winter Solstice Cards

Love it or hate it we all do it. It is about that time of year when the stress of the holidays takes over. On top of presents and cooking, visiting friends and loved ones there is that time old tradition of sending cards. I am not talking an Ecard but a good old-fashioned paper greeting card, the kind you hold in your hand and smile when you open it. Knowing that someone is thinking about you whether they are close or miles away. Everyone loves to get a card, don't let them fool you.

Below are some holiday designs. All of them can be personalized with whatever holiday you celebrate. It can be Yule, Christmas, Winter Solstice or if you just want to send out a Seasons Greetings card.

Of course Zazzle is not the only place to find my cards. Greeting Card Universe has the best quality cards out there, they are a superior quality and can be mailed to whomever you wish (or to yourself to mail) They are also customizable and when paired with my matching postage stamps (yes they are real and you can mail them) and sticker seals and you are sure to have a card worth saving and remembering.

If you are looking for box sets of my cards then visit CafePress

My illustrations don't stop at winter holidays nor does it stop at cards and stamps. I have many different designs available in all of my stores and I am happy to work with you if you need something special.

The Greenman embodies all of nature. He represents rebirth and the cycle of growth each spring. This Greenman is decorated in holly leaves and bright red berries ready for the Solstice, Yule and Christmas season

Greenman Holly CardGreenman Holly StickerGreenman Holly Postage Stamp

Poinsettia Holly Nymph - She makes sure the temperatures are right for growing beautiful poinsettias for the holiday season. She is also in charge of the holly and mistletoe

Poinsettia Holly Nymph CardPoinsettia Holly Nymph StickerPoinsettia Holly Nymph Postage Stamp

Carefully wrapped presents are sure to make your friends and family smile. There are three styles, the first set is for Winter Solstice, The second set is generic holiday greetings and the third is for Christmas

Holiday Bow Solstice CardHoliday Bow Solstice StickerHoliday Bow Solstice Postage Stamp

These are just a few of my designs that are available. Almost all of them could be customized to be for Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice or Season's Greetings. Check often for the newest designs.

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