Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Funny Little Thing

It is sometimes funny how things work out. I have been toying with the idea of combining two of my loves, painting and jewelry making, into one.

Acrylic on canvas set in a metal pendant

I recently posted a picture of two pendants I made some weeks ago and said I was thinking of making more in the future. Well the feedback was great and I decided to order some pendants of all different sizes to play around with. As I am chatting with everyone about it Kristal (a very talented person in her own right and co-owner of Atutudes) asked if I could copy a photo she took. I told her it depends for fear it would be a human she wanted painted but asked her to send it and I will see if I could. When I opened up the email there in front of me was a beautiful cat with stunning blue eyes, yup, I think I could do it I said and she was thrilled.

Now here is where some panic set in, could I really create Sierra the cat as she looks? I have never been asked to paint a portrait before and was nervous it would not look like her but I grabbed my brush and tried, it is a cat after all and I stare at them all day. The portrait took me a rather long time compared to anything I have painted before, about three and a half hours and is roughly an inch and a half tall but Kristal was so happy when she saw it posted and that makes me happy too. I just wrapped it up all nice and snug and I am on my way to the post office. I am glad my painting found a home where it will be cherished.

Sierra The Cat
 So what do you think? Should I continue with this new venture?
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