Monday, October 27, 2008

Inspirational Cats

I have always been a cat lover. Cats sometimes get a bad rap for being aloof, self-absorbed and uncongenial. Perhaps what draws me to them is not the coldness some people seem to think they portray but the inner kindness and regality.

Anyone who has a cat that owns them can tell you they can be as affectionate, loyal and loving as any dog. Having suffered from severe clinical depression for the past few years of my life I can tell you they have pulled me out of some very dark places. Always by my side and understanding even without saying a word. I owe a lot to them. You are blessed if you are loved by a cat

Their lines are sleek and their demeanor mysterious. It is no wonder that cats have inspired great works of literature, art, songs and poetry. It is no exception in my work either. Having 6 cats I am never at a loss for subjects even if I am not in need of one they manage to make themselves known.

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