Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yet Another Redesign

Well in a few hours it will be a new year and with it comes a new website. Yes I have yet again redesigned my website. I just could not get happy with the layout of the past one and my knowledge of HTML and CSS/Java and all of the bells and whistles were lacking. I finally broke down and bought a program to help me and help it did.

Now everything is in better order under each design and you will be able to choose which store you would like to purchase from. Hopefully it will make browsing and shopping much easier.

Just roll over an image and a pop out menu will let you pick which store you would like to browse and buy.

Greeting cards are available in all three stores but I recommend if you only want one to use Greeting Card Universe, the quality and service is outstanding and you won't be disappointed. Of course you can buy them in bulk but I also offer box sets on CafePress. As for the other gift items the quality is superb no matter which store you choose. So feel free to browse around and drop an email if you so choose. Any feedback is appreciated.

Now hopefully some inspiration will hit and with it new designs so check back soon and see what is new!

to be continued...

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