Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For Pet Lovers

Today I would like to share a charming store with you Miss Myrtie's™ Funny Pet Postcards, Cards & Gifts

Whenever I need a giggle I check in to see what Myrtie and her friends are up to. This delightful store stars Myrtie, a doe-eyed labrador, Bubba and Moses and all of their friends dressed up in cute costumes and ready to make you smile.

What a wonderful gift this would make for a vet, a doctor or nurse. It is also available on several different items like a tote and mousepad. Checkup reminders and business cards are available too.

Meowry Christmas to you. I am sorry, perhaps it is just the silly in me that just loves animals in costumes (even though I do not dare to dress mine for fear of being shredded) All the Christmas cards and gifts in Myrtie's store are precious and the look on the cat's face is priceless

This is my favorite. Cindy's (the human that helps Myrtie) imagination is way out there and I am glad it is. Who would have ever thought of this? I know it would cheer me up if I were sick.

I think perhaps the most important thing about Cindy's and Myrtie's store is the underlying message. Many of their products call attention to adopting animals and 30% of the profits go to ChildFund for clean water.

Take some time out and visit Myrtie, Bubba, Moses, Cindy and friends and put a smile on your face too.


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