Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcoming Baby Cards

New Line Of Baby Cards On GCU!

I often times overlook Illustrator but on occasion I get around to opening it up and playing around with it. Since I don't have a drawing tablet Illustrator is not my first choice to use but I wanted to do another line of simple baby cards for single up to quadruple births and I wanted to make them multi-cultural.

First I started out with the background, I made a small swatch of polka dots in light and dark pink then added it to the swatch pallet. I applied it to my card background and added type on top. To draw the baby I started out with a circle for the face, drew half circles for the eyes, two small circles for the cheeks and placed them accordingly. To make the pacifier I made an oval and placed a half oval on top for the handle.

To make the bonnet and bow I began with a oval made from the pentagon tool. As I was stretching it I held the up arrow so the sides increased to around twenty or so. I used the "pucker and bloat" filter to make the billows in the bonnet. I then added a smaller regular oval to serve as the lip. For the bow I made a triangle and moved the anchor points to round it out. I copied and pasted in front of the first triangle and reflected it to form the other side of the bow. Add a circle for the knot, some lines for the creases, and the bow is finished. For the tails I just drew them freehand with my mouse and repeated the copy, paste, reflect for the other side. I moved the bonnet behind the face and the bow in front and placed it on my card. To change complexions and colors was easy from there by just selecting the items and picking the colors from the color palette. To add extra babies I copied the face after grouping all of the shapes and pasted them.

There are cards for single, twins, triplets and quadruplets and if you need more babies feel free to drop me a line and I will be more than happy to make one up for you. Cards are $2.79 with bulk purchases being lower.

to be continued...

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