Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Always Remember Me

Upon driving home from the art store I was inspired by all of the beautiful papers in the scrapbook section. While I have a lot going right now I just couldn't help working on a few of my own. While there are not many in the store right now I plan on filling it up very soon.

All of the scrapbook pages are designed from the very beginning to the end by me. Each page takes around 2-3 hours starting by designing and drawing the backgrounds (by mouse none the less) on each "paper" then the random artwork is made and all put together in true scrapbook style.

Each page is easily customized by you, no more cutting and pasting paper, buying all of the embellishments that quickly add up or worrying about finding the time. All you need to do is upload your photos, change the text and titles, and add anything you want, you can even change the size of the paper if you want something bigger. Each page can be beautifully framed too!

Blue Easter Bunny Scrapbook Page Green Easter Chick Scrapbook Page posters

Need something special right away? Feel free to email me.

to be continued...


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