Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dog T-shirts Now On Zazzle

New Dog T-Shirts Move to Zazzle

Do I Watch You? Dog T-Shirt dog t-shirts

Food, Poop Dog T-Shirt dog t-shirts

In, Out Dog T-Shirt dog t-shirts

Although I have been selling these designs on CafePress for some time now, Zazzle has just announced that they are jumping into Pet T-shirts too. The difference is that you can add to my sayings and designs. Right now there are only four designs and they are very simple but look for more to come as I try to design some more.

I also have a line of Pet Sitter's Information Cards. They come in postcard sets for the individual or sets of 100 for pet sitters to hand out to their client.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I do appologize about the updates as of late, or lack there of. I have been having major computer and internet problems and I think I have figured them out now. I have also been taking a little time off to do some much needed yard clean-up and sprucing up the house. While I may slow down a little bit during the summer (or may not, you never can tell with inspiration) I will be sure to try and post something new a little more often than I have been. Until then and for those in the Spring months, ENJOY!

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