Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wow, What A Week!

Well it has been quite a week for me on Zazzle and I have been blown away by the success of my relatively new store Pen And Ink. Zazzle has chosen it to be a featured store last week and has awarded me two Today's Best Awards and I am honored.

It is funny sometimes where inspiration comes from. All last week I have noticed people putting old retro photos of themselves on Facebook. It started me thinking a bit of my childhood and the summers my family and I would spend down the shore. Most of my childhood was spent in Wildwood, New Jersey at a place called The Siesta Motel. It is funny how some things can fly you back in time and for me it was the colors of this motel. It was a throwback from the fifties even if it was the early seventies at the time and it was all done up in black, white and baby pink. I remember it as if it were just a few moments ago and I remember it clearly. After time they remodeled the place and it was painted in the neutral colors of brown and cream, not nearly as special as it once was. Sadly the hotel has been knocked down to make condos but it will forever live in my memory.

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