Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And The Catalogs Begin To Arrive

Now is the time of year when seed catalogs begin to grace my mailbox in droves. While today is rather dreary and a bit cold, thumbing through the pages makes it all seem to disappear. I love gardening, I love flowers and I love dirt. I also love growing my own fruit and veggies even if the amount of space I have is small.

I was insprired to make some vegetables recently, well I made a carrot for an Easter design and it sort of fell along that way. These veggies took all day to make in Illustrator because I was drawing them with a mouse, not an easy task but someday I hope to get a Wiacom tablet.

I started with basic shapes and added frilly brushes and my own patterns to them. Although it took a very long time to draw these I am considering a fruit line and a floral line too (the head of lettuce sort of looks like a peony) I have begun to post them on Zazzle for you to enjoy.

On another note I want to thank all of my customers and fans that follow me. You are most appreciated and I treasure every kind word that is given. You all make what I love to do worth doing.


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