Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

My how the last few days have flow by and that is probably because I have been glued to the computer redesigning an all new website. The launch should be soon as I have a few more photos to add and such (and there is trying to take a photo of my new staff members, they just won't sit still) The new design will have much more information and a slicker look and a few surprises just for you.

While I am here I wanted to tell you of a good deal they have over at Greeting Card Universe. when you buy 10 cards they will only cost you $2.29 each plus postage. Not bad really if you think what you pay in a card store. Just use promo code SPRING229. You can mail them now, set a future date or have a whole bunch shipped to you to give out personally PLUS they can be personalized right online.

Here are a few of my Easter cards, some funny pet cards and a line of baby's first Easter cards plus a link to my store. The site also has many more talented artists to choose from if mine are not your cup of tea.

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