Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Well...An Update

Next weekend was to be the Emmy event I was participating in, then further down the line the AMAs. Unfortunately due to a contract dispute (which has just been settled) I will not be participating in either of them.

I do however have some events coming up in January and I am very excited about them. The first is to be the Golden Globes.
I ordered the supplies for the gift bags to one of the shows this afternoon. I have been sick the past three days and I slept off all of Sunday. I just can't bear to watch tv so I pulled up the computer to the couch and I surfed under the comfort of a soft blankie with a box of tissues and miscellaneous cats by my side. I ordered enough supplies to offer extra to anyone wanting to buy them. What is it you ask? Well can't tell that either in case it is a complete disaster and they do not come out right.  It is something new I am trying with my artwork, it is not a new technique by any means, just something new for me.

Some of you may be wondering when the next issue of Indie Arts And Illustration is coming out. Well Dorothy planned for it to hit the virtual stands in September but it may be delayed a bit. My 10 year old Dell XPS, the one I love so dearly is starting to show it's age and can not keep up anymore. It might be a while before I get a new one of have this one upgraded if that is possible. Since I am the one that does her layouts it is my fault the issue is backlogged. We do have a great lineup for the next issue, I can promise you that.

I think that will be it for now, whatever bug I have is really draining me and my whole body aches. It is time for some more rest.



  1. feel better soon.. i saw shannon was sick but somehow missed that you were too. i have had 2 rounds of meds for double ear infections this month. i think we just do not sleep enough.. creativity hits and we have to act on it sleepy or not. not good for us i am afraid. looking forward to being part of all this. feel better..

  2. Sorry about your ear infections, those are the worst pain. Sadly, my sickness came from kid slobber from my part time job


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