Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Since Nothing Is Doing On My End

Well, I guess it was inevitable, my computer is finally showing it's nearly 10 year age. I really can't complain as it has served me well.

My poor computer's graphic card seems to be going and it is having trouble keeping up with just about everything. So until I am able to save for a new Dell XPS things will be a bit slow.

In the meantime I want to show off a friend of mine and her wonderful ETSY shop - Tiger Head Designs. Artist Lora Shelley has some really great pieces included in there

There is a definite sweetness to Lora's work when she depicts animals and her color palette lends itself to an old fashioned charm. I am reminded of a children's book illustrated a time long ago.

My favorite pieces, although it is hard to pick are Tiger Grrrr, Singing Fox and Kitty Finger Puppet 

Tiger Grrr:

This charming piece drew my eye immediately which is odd because pink does not normally do that. I think perhaps it was the overall painting and the little story I had made up in my mind when I saw it. The tiger sort of gave me a chuckle.

Singing Fox:

I am instantly reminded of something that happened just a few weeks before. I was driving home from my sister's house and I saw a fox jumping gleefully amok in a field full of sheep. He had no interest in the sheep but was bounding through, perhaps chasing bugs until he disappeared into the woods.

Kitty Finger Puppet:

Well this just made me laugh because this is often the last thing I see before getting pounced by one of my kittens, paws stretched out doing one of those wrestling ring dives from the headboard of my bed.

There is so much more to gaze upon including some ceramic hand-painted pendants (one of which I am a proud owner of) so go and take a look at all the wonderful treasures that you are sure to find in Lora's shop. You might become a fan too.


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