Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poinsettia and Holly Cards

Funny how things happen really...

I was wandering around Spoonflower and had come upon a weekly contest that they hold. The contest (that is ready for voting any day now) is that of "Design a Christmas Stocking" one one yard of fabric. Sounded like fun so I thought I would give it a go.

I wasn't really sure what to do, at first I thought a faux quilt with some Christmas-y type colors might be nice but when I began it just wasn't going right. I started going about it all wrong and put down the mouse and picked up a pencil.

I have found that when I do not know what I want to draw or paint I begin to just draw giant loose circles. Now normally I would not do this on a really nice 24"x36" 100% cotton paper but I had a good feeling about it. Goodness knows I have been staring at that particular piece of paper for days, it has not told me what to do with it until the circles began. Out of the circles came a poinsettia. Keeping in mind this was for a Christmas stocking I imagined the flower sitting in the heel and although I am aware that holly does not grow on vines I took some artistic license to fill the rest of the space with my interpretation of them.

This is not the normal size I usually paint but today the paper finally spoke and I am quite happy with it. I plan on entering it into the Spoonflower contest and I will post it here when the voting begins but in the meantime I have put this design up on Zazzle. So thanks Spoonflower for the inspiration, it was kind of nice designing again.

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