Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Real Meaning Of The Holiday Season

I have been thinking a lot about something I would like to do for the holidays to make them a bit more bearable for me. Over the years I have become, I guess the best word for now would be jaded. My friends know how much I hate this time of year and sometimes it becomes a joke, or they roll their eyes and chalk it off to me being me but in reality it is a very painful time of year, a time when I miss the people that have gone from my life or the people I am no longer able to be around.

While a big part of the reason is the above it is not the only reason, for you see I also have a part time job in retail and I see the ugly underbelly of it all. (This is where the grouchy, jaded part comes in.)

I see stores opening on holidays to get more money out of shoppers and they take no consideration for their employees and families, most of who have no choice but to go to work. I see the pushing and shoving. I see people struggle to buy things out of their means for gifts because it was what was asked for and I see people asking for things that have heavy price tags. There are those that take no thought into what they are giving and just grab what is at hand and those that put so much thought in it only to have the gift returned to the store because the recipient didn't like it.

When the holiday is over it gets no better, I hear people complain they did not get what they wanted or mock gifts they were given. I hear them complain about a cost of a gift they were given and how they spent x amount of dollars on them. It saddens me to no end and I have been trying to think of a way, for myself, to try to put some meaning into something I hate so much.

This is what I have decided to do (and you can certainly make your own rules as to how you pick people if you decide to play along) First take the first two people on your facebook account that pop up in your friends list on the side. Think long and hard of something to give that person and send that gift in words in an email or write it on a piece of paper to hand to that friend. Do it everyday until Christmas, or if you are so inclined until New Year's Eve.

Now here is the catch:

1. You can not make it public it is a private thing shared in an email/paper between you and the person.

2. You have to pick the first two people that pop up in your friends list and if they were chosen already you must go to the next one in line.

3. and finally the most important rule, the gift can not cost money, none, ziltch, zippo. It can not be a tangible thing. This means you can not gift someone a luxury yacht, a giant diamond ring or a wardrobe full of clothes. I want you to think very hard about that person and what they truly need in their life.

To make it easier you may link to this post or copy and paste it into the email. Explain why you are playing along or not it is up to you. Maybe, just maybe it will make you feel better too.

-and if you are wondering what I want for Christmas, well I am asking for nothing for what I want can't be bought or given, it is something that I need to find


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  1. Nikki, Check my blog tomorrow. I am linking this article--love it. Naquaiya


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