Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Ready For The Golden Globes

A little more than a month away and I will be heading out to Los Angeles for the Golden Globes. The past few weeks have been very busy with putting together my submissions for the gift bags. I decided to go handmade for this event and made glass pendants featuring my work.

I had to make 100 of them which really meant 150 because I allowed for error since this is the first time I am making them. There were a few duds that have been tossed aside and only the good ones remain to be given. It was quite a learning process.

To present them I have small Kraft and Chocolate boxes in which I attached (alright hand-cut and glued) each label then closed with some raffia ribbon. Inside I included a necklace tucked in a small paper bag so it doesn't rattle around, my business card, a sample of my work and a coupon for where I illustrate puzzles.

Two days after I get back from The Golden Globes I head out to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival and I am really looking forward to that. My only regret is that I won't be able to see any of the films while I am there but I will be sure to take note of them. The place it is being held at is absolutely stunning and I wonder if there is a broom closet I could stay in for I would happily do just that to wake up to the view the hotel looks over because it is simply stunning.

For Sundance I have chosen bottle cap pendants, or maybe I might do a mix for both events, I have not decided yet. The bottle caps will go on ribbon necklaces as opposed to the ball chain ones. I like the glass pendants better only because they are a little bit more low key and that is just my personal taste, The bottle caps are a bit more funky. Sundance sort of snuck up unexpectedly and had I had more time I would have made something completely different. I am saving that idea for the MTV Movie Awards, Emmy's or AMAs, as there are a few more events coming later in the year and I will be better prepared for it.

I am not sure who will show for either Sundance or the Golden Globes though I have heard some rumors. I have two people in mind I would love to meet, chances are slim but I know I will have a great time at both events. I will be sure to post photos as soon as I have them.


  1. Hey Nikki! I found yer blog...hit the "follow" button right away and then took a spin through to see what yer up to. My you been busy gal! I love the ideas for the pendants (and the boxes are terrific!) Good luck at the awards who is it ya really want to meet? I'd give my firstborn (if I had one) to shake hands with Sandra Bullock or Barbra Streisand!, and actually wouldn't mind a close up gander at Mathew McConaughey ;)

  2. Actully there are only two people I would love to meet and they are David Tennant (actor) and JD Fortune (musician).

    Actually now that I think about it Robin Williams would probably be a blast to meet too


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