Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 2011 Kid's Choice Awards

Rico Rodriguez and myself at the 2011 Kid's Choice Awards Gift Lounge
The pictures are in and I had a great time at the 2011 Kid's Choice Awards Gift Lounge at the SLS Hotel in LA. One of the best moments was when Rico, his mother and agent remembered me from across the room. He has to be one of the funniest kids I have ever met, full of sugar kind of silly and a pleasure to talk to.

Another great moment came when Rizwan Manji, who plays Rajiv on the show Outsourced showed up with his sister and niece and nephew. The little girl remembered me from the Golden Globes and she asked if I had another pretty necklace (I had given one to her special at the Golden Globes because she was being fussy at the time) So I made sure she got another but to my surprise Rizwan's nephew asked for one too. I thought perhaps he wanted one for someone special but he told me he kept the last one he got from me on his bed post because he really liked it. How sweet is that? Of course I gave him another one and he posed for a photo with his uncle and the box the necklace came in.

Rizwan and his nephew. Rizwan is holding a very funky iPad cover from the BeezKneez

I also had the pleasure of meeting Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson. Understandably no photos were to be taken but I have to say what a wonderful, pretty, articulate person she is. She did take a liking to my necklace as well and that is also an honor so of course I gave her one too.

I met a lot of up and coming stars, and ones that are a star in their own right. It was a fun, relaxed atmosphere where bikes were being ridden around the floor, people were wearing fuzzy slippers and candy and toys as far as the eye could see, Oh and I can't forget the lollipop wall that you posed in front of as you came into the room...Best toy yet? the Boogie Board! Check it out, it was a blast to play with.

Here are some other photos of the people that were kind enough to choose my art to hold. If you like the painting you can find prints and other products here: Calliope Dreams

The lovely Paula Abdul with my painting "Neptune"
and the gift necklace with the same painting on it.

Spencer Grammer with my painting "Gayle"
and the gift necklace with the same painting on it.

Bruce Davison of the Xmen (and many other fabulous things)


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