Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Real Meaning Of The Holiday Season - Year Two

Well, it seems it is that time of year again, it seems like just yesterday that I wrote this post about why I dislike this time of year so much. I have to be quite honest, in this whole year I really feel that things are worse than they were before. From the behavior of people on Black Friday to the greed of stores cutting into the holidays of their employees. I see people struggling to buy expensive gifts out of their means to the recipients not appreciating what they were given

Then there is this gem:

If this doesn't scream self-centered, unappreciative, spoiled brat I am not sure what does.

I don't understand how people are not angry with what the holidays have become. Everyday I see a boatload of wish lists of items that cost hundreds of dollars (some are in jest, I understand but most are not) After the holidays I can guarantee that these same people will be sulking if they do not receive a good portion on their list.

Last year I did a little experiment to try and make myself feel better about the holidays and to take my mind off of the people I miss so very much and I am going to do it again. I managed to give a smile or two to some people and maybe a happy tear to others. It would be great if maybe you can do this too, you would be surprised at how something so simple as a few little heartfelt words can make such a big difference, not even an iPad or a flat screen tv can do that.

Here are the rules once again if you aren't familiar with them from last year:

This is what I have decided to do (and you can certainly make your own rules as to how you pick people if you decide to play along) First take the first two people on your facebook account that pop up in your friends list on the side. Think long and hard of something to give that person and send that gift in words in an email or write it on a piece of paper to hand to that friend. Do it everyday until Christmas, or if you are so inclined until New Year's Eve.

Now here is the catch:

1. You can not make it public it is a private thing shared in an email/paper between you and the person.

2. You have to pick the first two people that pop up in your friends list and if they were chosen already you must go to the next one in line.

3. and finally the most important rule, the gift can not cost money, none, ziltch, zippo. It can not be a tangible thing. This means you can not gift someone a luxury yacht, a giant diamond ring or a wardrobe full of clothes. I want you to think very hard about that person and what they truly need in their life.

To make it easier you may link to this post or copy and paste it into the email. Explain why you are playing along or not it is up to you. Maybe, just maybe it will make you feel better too.

and in case you are wondering if I found what I want for Christmas the answer is no, I am still looking, it is not something to hold or unwrap, it is something to be found... a simple 5 letter word


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