Friday, October 2, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Sit Alone In A Sushi Restaurant

While I was sitting alone waiting for my NY Roll of tuna, apples and mayo and an Eel Roll I began to read the menu board behind the man making my sushi. The creative names they have given the various specials began to spark an idea in my head. Hanging behind the tables on elaborate wallpaper were brightly colored advertisments for various things which I could not read and next to them on a table sat a Maneki Neko smiling back at me. Well, they seemed to mash themselves in my brain and the above design happened. While I am aware that the title I chose for this design was based on a Chinese movie and not Japanese, I thought it an appropriate name. I imagined this guy hiding behind the fake palm tree in the corner, stalking any sushi left unattended.

This was a fun design to do, totally unplanned and drawn fully in Illustrator. It took me a little while to form the cat's face but things fell into place without much difficulty. Crounching Tiger, Hidden Kitty is available now on Zazzle. It even makes an appearance on Zazzle's brand new Avery binders.

I have put Jadore Paris on a bit of a hold because I am working on a side project to be unveiled soon. I hope to add more photos and artwork within the next week. If I can only get the staff to work a little harder but they are always busy taking naps in the sunshine coming through the window so I am on my own for now. I can assure you that I will keep everyone posted here when my new project is unveiled so stayed tuned.


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