Monday, June 22, 2009

For Parents Peace Of Mind

Keep important information for your babysitter handy and in site right where they need it. Pair it up with a Babysitter's Information Card and you will have peace of mind when you leave your little one with someone else.

The magnets allow you to enter all of your information right online so it is printed directly on the magnet. The Information Cards contain spots for all of your important information. It is printed on both the front and back and can be filled out by hand. Fill one out for each child. The cards come in sets of 100. Share them with other parents or if you are lucky enough to get out a lot use them for yourself.
Baby Sitter's Information Card
Baby Sitter's Information Card
Other styles are available

Information cards for your pet
are also available* in the Pet Products section
*single post card size or packs of 100 business card size


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