Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Night And Day - Dual Personality

My new design for Zazzle.

Sometimes I can be on a roll, alright truth is I don't sleep and last night was one of them. I decided for a while I wanted to draw a dual Sun and Moon but the last couple of tries, well weren't great. I am not sure what possesed me to sit there and draw thousands of dots but I did. The picture itself is around 10 inches square so you can just imagine how long it took for all of those dots to fill in just the face alone. In all honesty it was relaxing in a strange irritating way, the only downfall is the slight stiffness that is now in my hand from holding the pen.

Close up detail of work

I started off with a circle and drew in the face. I originally was just going to do a fancy moon but it involved into what you see above. Then came the dots using Sakura pigment markers in .005, .01 and .03 widths. I started off with the thinest marker and did all of the shading and line work then I went in with the larger markers and accented the lines to make them stand out a little more and filled in the heavier areas with the bigger dots too. Once the dots were finished it was scanned into the computer, one copy was inverted to be black with white dots for the day and night motif.

I do have another idea using this technique but it is still in the thinking stage. I am not eactly sure when that will spill out so stay tuned...

Click Here for the full line of Dual Personality


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