Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Corrieweb Store

There is no mistaking the colorful fantastical art of Dutch artist and illustrator Corrie Kuipers. Her distinct style and her characters bring a smile when you look at them. Corrie often uses her talent to bring awareness to certain social issues like breast cancer, global warming and environmentalism. It was hard picking a few items to showcase here as she has so many endearing characters but I managed to narrow it down to these:

I have to say it was very difficult choosing one of her cat designs, there are so many and they are all cute. Corrie's cats are many and they are always adorable. If you know someone that loves cats you are sure to find something here to delight them. (Oh and for those of you that love dogs she has plenty of them too!)

I am always amazed at Corrie's cows, she always manages to put them in the most ridiculous situations, from sky-diving to bungee jumping, there is even a scooter riding cow

In all honesty I chose this design because of the look on the frogs face, it makes me laugh

By far my favorite line of Corrie's, her Voodoodles, a collection of cute and creepy dollies with personality and an attitude.

Stop by Corrie's store and take a look at all of the wonderful characters that live in her world, I can assure you that you will enjoy your look around. Corrie also sells her art on Greeting Card Universe.


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  1. I Love the designs Corrie creates! My favs being the doggies and the cows. I also get a kick out of the frog. Such a cute expression!
    Kind of reminds me of myself before I have my coffee in the morning.



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