Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tiger Head Designs

I thought perhaps for a change of pace I would show all of you some very talanted artists and friends that make a home on Zazzle. With the holidays coming up and you are thinking of gifts for family and friends I figured I would point you in the direction of some truly talented people.

The first one I would like to feature is Tiger Head Designs by Lora Shelley

Lora is a multi-talented artist who paints, sews, carves, weaves, makes jewelry, throws clay and sculpts felt into delightful little creatures.

Owl at Night card
Owl at Night

Owl at Night is one of the little puppets she has sewn and photographed for this fantastic card. She has a menagerie of creatures in her zoo. Two of my other favorites are a little Boston Terrier and a Kangaroo with her babies.

Oliver J. Cat is a portrait of her friend's feline. Oliver is a very large cat and can often be found sprawled out on the picnic table as flat as a pancake. He has a very regal quality to him and Lora captured it perfectly

Of course animals are not the only thing Lora captures in her art. Her Diner series and other paintings of women are just as beautiful. Every time I look at her portraits I can see something different. Today I look at the above portrait and see a woman that has made one too many breakfasts and is just quite going through the motions of her life where as another time I saw a woman daydreaming, perhaps of making it big and is stuck for the moment in this diner. That is the great thing about Lora's art, there are so many stories in one painting depending on how one looks at it.

Lora's store is relativly new and I encourage you to take a look. Lora also sells her handmade items on Etsy and has a main website too.

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