Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Digital Fantasy Art of Nicole L Marques

Looking for distinct original paintings inspired by fantasy? Occitania's Store by Nicole Marques is that place. She is a digital artist among other things and she does it well. Her fantasy paintings bring magic to life and create a dreamlike atmosphere.

Capricorn, postcard postcard
Capricorn, postcard by Occitania

I love this painting, in fact it is one of my favorites and it is a beautiful twist on the Sea Goat. The attention to detail is not at all lost here from the shiny pearls of her bodice to the clever hairstyle resembling horns.

Lady and Butterflies! print
Lady and Butterflies! by Occitania

This is another of my favorites depicting a woman rescuing some butterflies from a spiderweb. I love the contrast of the cold dark colors of her surroundings against the brightness of the butterfly wings.

Spring Equinox, postcard postcard
Spring Equinox, postcard by Occitania

When I look at this painting I see a small fairy, on one side is winter, the other spring and she has met the hummingbird to transfer the seasons.

Dream Walk! mousepad
Dream Walk! by Occitania

Dream Walk is so full of detail it takes quite a while to notice everything. Hearts, butterflies, fairies and what I would like to imagine as millions of little fireflies are all tucked away as this lady walks through her dreams.

If you are a fan of fantasy art, you should definitely pay Nicole a visit. Nicole also has other shops on Zazzle.


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