Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Emmy's Whirlwind Part Two

GBK and Tic Tac Event Wall waiting for the celebrities to arrive

Well now here comes the hard part, beyond the coodination, recruiting, organizing and actually making the product that goes into the gift bags, it is waiting for the photos to arrive. Yup, that is the hardest part next to waiting to see if the Spalsh Magazine interview you gave didn't make you sound like a total bumbling idiot (I did fine as I practiced in my head but then he asked me a question and my thought process flew out of the window and I became a mumbling fool) So since I am waiting for photos to share and stories to tell I will instead share some really great things that were happening yesterday.

First lets start with this:

Nia has been wonderful to us from the second she met us, she is a bundle of smiles and fun. When she came into the room we gave her a little background on our group and she asked questions, picked things up and had a great time. I got to spend a little time with her daughters who I have to say were adorably dressed. They took a liking to one of our members Zipper Bracelets and I let them each pick one out to take home. We are so happy she liked us enough to Tweet us several times as well as share our Holiday Guide to all her followers but the biggest surprize came when she tweeted one of our members, Deb Soromenho of A.W.E. Shop and said that she was wearing her earrings that she gifted in an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars!

We also received word from Beverley Mitchell who was just as radiant and nice as she appears on tv

Beverley also took the time to contact one of our artists Ilene Price of Ilene Price Design with a personal email saying her products embody everything she stands for. Yes the Tweets, emails and excitement were flying yesterday so much so it was hard to keep up! What a great feeling though and I am so happy that all the hard work everyone did paid off better than our wildest imaginations!

OH! and I almost forgot this:

Janina had picked Gary's Joy Bots as her favorite thing in the whole gift lounge! The WHOLE gift lounge and let me tell you that duffel bag was HUGE! What an honor and congratulations goes out to Gary!

If you would like to see more great press from The Artisan Group follow along on Facebook or our Blog and of course we have our very popular Event Guide and our Press Release online for you to see as well.

Stay tuned for photos of the event, hopefully they come soon...


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