Monday, September 26, 2011

Stories From GBK Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge

I have a few more stories to share from behind the scenes at GBK's Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge. Are you ready? (of course you are or you would have already closed the page) I will also unveil my most treasured photo at the very end

James Woods and Ashley. Ashley is wearing Seeing Is Believing's ceramic pendant

James. I did enjoy meeting him. Valerie had met him ages ago and they chatted a bit about that. (Valerie's husband just loves her James Woods story when she shares it and I am sure he is happy to hear I have one now too ;) After I told James about our group we got to talking about the pendant around my neck, it was a tiger, hand painted by me on canvas paper and set into a bronze pendant. He told me that he has some miniature paintings from France, painted on a turtle shell and from the 1700's. Quite honestly I could have talked to him all day, he is an intriguing personality.

Michael Trucco with Autumn Bradley Designs

First I would like to thank Autumn for sending this necklace to the show. Valerie got to put the necklace on and I got to take it off. All kidding aside though Michael is a pleasure to talk to. He remembered both of us from the Golden Globes and was excited to see what we had on the table. He chatted for a bit and I forget how it came around but he said he was old. I am not sure if he will stumble upon this but if he does, I was right, I am older than you and besides, you are a guy and guys always look better with age. Do cylons even age at all?

Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming, you have no idea how excited I was to see him on the list. No really you don't. He has to be one of the best character actors there are (and regular one too) and I waited all day for him to come into the room so I can meet him. (I did see him once before, about two years ago when he floated by me on a Macy's Thanksgiving day parade float) I saw him arrive because our table was right next to the photo wall but he had walked past the door without coming in. This does happen from time to time so all the celebs do not have to wait if a room is busy and ours was pretty busy the whole time. It was a good 2-3 hours before he made it to our room (which is a very long time as most celebs are in and out quickly)

When he finally came into the room Valerie and I shook his hand and I said how I was waiting to meet him. Alan is every bit as gracious as you would think he would be. I then told him about TAG and he ended up choosing Elle Moss Photography's self portrait to pose with. When he picked it up he said "She is absolutely stunning" and we absolutely agree

Elle Moss Photography and Alan

and now for my most treasured photo:

While the above photo is one I will always treasure because I admire Alan so much it is not the most treasured photo from the weekend's events. This one is.

Our waitress heard that we were getting together to celebrate our birthdays and surprised us with this.
All four of us blew the candle out together.

"Huh?" you might be saying. "This is the most treasured photo out of all the celebrities and excitement? I don't get it."

Well here is why, it is not so much the picture of the dessert that makes it my most treasured but what it revolved around.

Both Valerie and I as well as two friends who live in California happen to have birthdays that fall with-in a month of each other. (from August - Sept) This year I changed my birthday as the day my real one was on was one of the worst days I have had in a while. I won't go into it because quite honestly I do not want to even think about it so I decided the day after my real birthday to change my birth date temporarily to Sept 16th to make up for it.

After the show was over we all walked a few blocks down to Beso. I have been waiting to order the fried banana split since looking at the online menu for the past month. I had to make sure I tried everything but didn't fill up so I had room for dessert.  The evening consisted of a delightful dinner, fun conversation about the days events and quite a bit of laughter so I just want to say thank you ladies for giving me a fun night out and some smiles, it made up for everything. I had a great time and I am hoping to do it again at the next show.

Valerie and me...thanks for the fun time!
Stay tuned and I will share a few candid shots our wonderful photographer took as well as a few more stories for you very soon...



  1. Stopping by from Look @ Me Monday! What a beautiful event :) Looks like a blast and a success

  2. That is such a cool story, you ladies definitely will cherish that memory forever. :) Oh, and the celeb sightings rocked too! Congrats on the great press.

  3. I am enjoying this so much---was disappointed when it ended---but will be patient for the next installment....felt like I was right there! :-)

  4. Why thank you everyone!It is a ton of fun and a lot of hard work but it was also worth every minute of it!


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