Friday, September 23, 2011

Stories From GBK Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge

Sorry for the delay as I know you have been waiting for pictures. Both Valerie and I have spent the last two days uploading, tagging, tweeting and sharing the photos with our members and now I have the time to write a little blog post about the experiences we had.

Héctor Elizondo
First I have to say how honored I was to have people start to remember me not just by face but some by name as well. It is a pretty darn good feeling especially when you have met people maybe once or twice. I found myself getting pulled into photographs and not because I asked to be there but because they wanted me there. (anyone that knows me knows that there are giant chunks of time, sometimes years that go by where there isn't one photo of me anywhere) What could I do but hop in and smile (though I think I shall plaster a bit more make-up on next time) I made sure that any photo I got in did not taint another artist's photo op. I know how upset I would be if I got a photo of my product and saw the rep in it. So I was careful and happy to say that both Valerie and I managed to get every single member of our group at least two celebrity photos with their work and some as many as four! Pretty good feat since we had 30 members represented at the event!

Another good feeling was that people were recognising my work on the table. Actor A.J. Buckley, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting before chose my illustration to pose with but as he picked it up he said "This one is yours right?" and he was right.

 A.J. Buckley took a photo alone and with me
Robert Morse was another celebrity that remembered Valerie and me from the Golden Globes. I had handed him a dog for a picture and as I was walking away he grabbed my arm and I found myself in a picture again. He then posed for a photo with just Wags And Wiggles cute little dog and squeaky toy.

Robert Morse
One thing that neither Valerie or I expected was the amount of guys that appreciated hand-made items and how long they stayed at the table talking with us. Three guys in particular were very into our group, Jeff Probst, Jason Isaacs and Jordan Bridges. Jordan's wife is a jewelry maker herself and Jeff and Jason just really appreciated everything. While my friend Margaret would have died to be able to meet Jeff Probst I thought is was quite surreal to be speaking with Lucius Malfoy. All three men were a delight.

Jeff with Sweet Stella's, Jason with Joy Bots and Jordan with Papermuse Designs 
The day was very fast paced as always but the events are becoming more like a get-together. There is nothing like big smiles from Rico Rodriguez, his family and agent. They are a blast to hang around and while Rico was making his rounds to the other tables I stood and talked to his sister Raini. I told her I missed her at the Kid's Choice Awards event and she said she was filming for Disney! Very excited for her! Just as Rico was being ushered out of the room to go to the next he ran back in and gave me a big hug.

Always a pleasure to see, Rico Rodriguez
I have plenty more stories to come but I think I will stretch them out a bit so stay tuned. Besides, don't you want to see the picture I treasure the most?



  1. You are very welcome!

  2. Loved your post! Thank you for finding me in Westfield! The Artisan Group Rocks!

  3. Great post! I LOVE hearing the behind the scenes stories! :)

  4. Great post! Love all of stories from behind the scenes!

  5. What an exciting time--thanks for all your hard work!

  6. What a beautiful post. I so enjoy the work of all these celebrities, and it's so sweet to hear these heartwarming stories :)

    I'm looking forward to your next post!
    Nat xoxo

  7. Thanks for posting the behind-the-scenes. So much fun to hear about!

  8. How wonderful for you - great job!!! Love all the photos, too.


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