Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Gentle Breeze/A Raging Wind

Well it seems as if most of you are interested in how I come up with designs, or what inspires them so what better time to start than with my new(ish) Pinwheel design.

I had actually drawn this several weeks ago on a scrap piece of paper while at work. There wasn't much happening, barely any customers and everything was straightened so to pass the time I got a piece of paper and started to doodle. I had stuffed the drawing in my pocket and when I got home tossed it on my pile of ideas and it sat there for quite a while.

Fast forward a bit to where Hurricane Irene was making its way up the East Coast. I didn't want to risk damaging my computer so I decided to go through my pile and see if I could entertain myself with a painting. I have to laugh a little now because as my basement was flooding and the trees were whipped to a frenzy I sat and inked out, then painted a simple little pinwheel. A little toy that relies on a gentle breeze to entertain. Funny how those things happen sometimes.


1 comment:

  1. i love this, the coloring, the subtle nature of it,clean style. great job.


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