Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today We Remember

I don't often stray from art topics but today I am going to make an exception, I hope you don't mind.

Today is a somber day, yet it is also a day filled with hope. 10 years have passed but for some, time has not moved at all. I can play that day perfectly in my head almost second for second and I am sure that it will always be there with me. If I close my eyes I can still smell the smoke that lingered even days after. I remember clearly the posters that lined the fences in downtown Manhattan and low-life vendors trying to make money with their T-shirts and memorabilia. I remember the eerie quiet of the week where no planes flew and I remember standing in Liberty State Park a week later, looking over at the smoldering buildings and not having any words, no one had any words.

I passed under the World Trade Towers quite often, went to events there, shopped there and had clients that worked there. I passed the globe many times and went back to see it not long after they allowed people in the area.

It is hard to explain to those that do not live in the areas where these acts happened. It is something that we have lived with every single day since the World Trade Towers came down. Not one day has passed where there isn't a news story pertaining to 9/11, it is always here, always a reminder and proof of that came just a short time ago when many people panicked as an Earthquake hit the East Coast. Many flashed back to that day and the fear was very real. Normally being exposed to things for a long period of time you would become numb or desensitised to it but quite the opposite happens. I have a very hard time with footage from that day, even now as I write this there are tears in my eyes. If you did not know someone that died that day, you surely knew someone that did and quite often several people that did. Many also knows someone that responded that day and years later are fighting for their lives from being exposed to the toxic dust.

Yet here it is 10 years later and from the ashes life rises again. Buildings are starting to form a new skyline, a memorial is being finished and a lone survivor that has stood amongst the rubble, removed to be nursed back to health will again take it's place where it stood before.

I am not sure if I will make it to the museum, maybe some day I will. I am not sure of the emotions that will inevitably come while walking there though I am sure I will not be alone in the sadness. I think if I do go it will be something that just happens and not planned upon.

I do ask one thing, please. I do love your comments but if you wouldn't mind leaving anything political out. Everyday politicians use this event for many reasons. I don't want to taint the people's memories that have lost their lives, whether in the attacks, fighting overseas, or suffering from diseases because of the toxic dust. Let this be a day we remember them and only them and hope for a future of peace.


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