Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'd Like To Introduce You To...

Lora Shelley of
Tiger Head Designs

I met Lora recently through an old friend from high school. I learned she was a fellow artist and we hit it off immediately. After a bit of persuasion I managed to get her to open up a store on Zazzle and I am glad she did. Although she is still starting she is managing to get a few items up now and they are beautiful. The above bag is a portrait of Mr Oliver J Cat, a friend of hers I am guessing and it happens to be one of my favorites (she keeps topping herself)

Cats are prevelant in her work but not exclusive. Her diner series is a long running series that Lora works on from time to time through the years. Her women are beautiful and depending on what you see can be wistful, sad, thoughtful or dreamy as I often see something different when I look at her work. There are bears, bunnies and cats in cowboy hats to be found here and I hope to see her "Galeen and Hobbes" series (I hope that is the correct name for them) soon.

I'd like you to take a look at her store and keep checking back as she adds more. You will find links to her Flickr site where you can see some of her pottery work and puppets, and main web page.

I hope you enjoy her stuff as much as I do!


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