Monday, July 20, 2009

Skull And Crossbones

Apparently my site host was having difficulties today and my site has been down resulting in a whole lot of broken image links in my stores. After spending a good chunk of the day transferring my images to Photobucket I managed to get a new design up for you.

Originally this skull and crossbones was hand drawn in ink but it just didn't seem right so I scanned it into Illustrator and redrew it there. This enabled me to easily duplicate it for a background using a custom made swatch out of my skull. It also gave me an easy way to reverse the image and perhaps at a later time add some color.

There are four current versions of the skull and crossbone availabe right now and tomorrow time permitting I am going to go back into Zazzle and seperate the different styles. Normally I like to do all versions by product so it is easy for you to compare but this time some ideas came in the middle of designing. I would have had the designs seperated right away but I had to spend that time on fixing broken links.

As of right now my site has the message "The Web site you are visiting is temporarily unavailable due to urgent maintenance work. If you have any questions regarding this Web site, please contact technical support" I can tell you in all honesty that it is not on my end and hopefully they get it up and running soon. The funny thing is that their main website is perfectly fine. I am however very sorry if it interfered with anything you were trying to see.

Other styles:


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