Friday, July 10, 2009

Motive Behind The Smiles

What is the motive behind the Cheshire cat's smile?
No one may ever know.

I sketched this out two nights ago and last night I duplicated it a few times and added various color combinations. I originally tried to stay away from the purple and pink coloring for I did not want my design to resemble a certain other famous cartoon cat but it went really well with the two other color schemes I chose so I kept it. The best color schemes turned out to be greens, blues and purples. I have to say I had fun drawing this guy. As usual my work seems to be evolving again. I now lean toward pen and ink and while I don't normally use colored pencils I dusted them off for this one. Tonight I plan on adding color to "Unity" or at least I hope to. I am not so sure if that design will lend itself to color, we will have to see. Unity is however now on Greeting Card Universe in a full range of the Pagan holidays

Right now I think I might take an example from my cat and take a nap. I haven't slept well in the past few days (or ever) because of the ideas swimming around in my head, along with daily life issues. Zazzle seems to be moving very slowly today and things are not showing up correctly via outside links.


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