Saturday, August 8, 2009

Halloween Patchwork

I spent yesterday on another Halloween design that is less bold and more subdued called Halloween Patchwork, inspired by an old pair of socks I used to have. I worked the new design the same as I did "Halloween Stripes" and used Illustrator.

First I created a checkered background and played around with the colors. I settled on tans as this made a good neutral background. I created the stitching lines simply by using the line tool and selecting "dashes"

For the Jack O'lantern, well he may look familiar. I opened the one I made from Halloween Stripes and added color to him with a slight black outline. I wanted to give him a bit of a different appearance so I squashed him down.

The candy corn was a simple triangle I drew freehand. I added two extra anchor points on each of the sides and duplicated the triangle twice. I changed the top triangle to white and "cut" the bottom off so the triangle had a white cap on top. I repeated the same thing with the yellow bottom. I "grouped" the triangles to make a candy corn and duplicated another for the set.

Taking all of the artwork into Photoshop I applied "texture/burlap" to give it some interest and there you have it, enjoy!

Halloween Patchwork Mousepad mousepad
Halloween Patchwork


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