Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two New Designs Unveiled!

A Kitty's Imagination came to me while talking to a friend via the computer when I happened to look up and over to the window. Anyone that has a cat own them will know that if there is a window, a cat will surely be sitting there. It just so happened that my cat was sitting upright - unusual for she is always sacked out in a dead sleep, feet draped over the side of the sill - and her head was lined up perfectly with the tree outside. It looked as if it was growing out of the top of her little noggin as she sat there clicking away at the birds flitting amongst the tree.

I quickly sketched the scene out on scrap paper then when I was able to I completed the drawing in Illustrator. Here is a close up of the patterned background:

I am honored to say that my Kitty's Imagination Tie won a TBA (Today's Best Award) on Zazzle and that is always appreciated.

The second design is a set of calico pumpkins and they can be used for both Halloween/Samhain and Thanksgiving/Mabon. This design was also done in Illustrator

To view Kitty's Imagination and see the full line Click Here
For Calico Pumpkin Trio Click Here and as always thanks for looking


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