Sunday, May 30, 2010

And Sometimes It Is A Pile Of Poop...

I know that there are a few people that have been following my kitten story and ask about them from time to time. I do not have good news for you today. It seems as if all the kittens have the FELV virus and this afternoon I had to put Cassandra to sleep (thank you Julia for being there with her when I could not) Two of the other kittens are not doing well and the third is not as healthy as he should be. I was told to expect the worst and I have though I am armed with and arsenal of Pedialyte, vitamins, pumpkin, a sock full of rice and a host of other things that could help. I won't give up as long as they do not (or are suffering)

I have great friends in Sara Inc and without them I don't know what I would do. I owe you all big time and I have ideas on how to pay it forward but in the meantime if anyone would like to make a donation (or even better adopt) then visit their site and open your home to what will become a part of the family

It is funny how something that has come into your life for such a minute amount of time can make such and emotional impact on you but these little guys did. I know I did all I could, I know that it would have been worse if they were out on the streets but I do feel helpless and sad because they are so little and young. It isn't easy but I would have done it again if I had to.

I am not sure who in the cosmic universe thought it was a good idea to give a clinically depressed animal lover a litter of sick kittens but when I meet the one responsible I am going to hurt him/her badly.

Goodbye little Cassy


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