Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pirates, Princesses, Time Travel, Fairytales, Super Powers And More

Hmmm, where have I been? Yes I have been laying low and by my own admittance have slacked off on any Zazzle updates. It is not my fault so much as I have been getting work quite regularly.

One thing that I have been making progress on is with a company called Once Upon A Puzzle. Now we are not to the point of going live just yet (hey I am painting as fast as my little hands allow me) but things are moving along almost smoothly. If anyone is interested in following a brand new company from the ground up head on over to Facebook and Once Upon A Puzzle, become a fan (or like us as it is now called) and maybe even take a guess as to what is brewing on my end. (yes puzzles are involved but it is so much more than that.)

On another note that top secret project that I have been working on, that very hush, hush one is off to the printers for a proof. I guess I can let you know that very soon a new magazine is being launched called "Indie Arts And Illustration" I have been helping a friend with the layouts and each issue will feature 12 artists. The first issue will be available for purchase very soon and don't forget to keep an eye here to find out where and when. You might even know a few of the very talented artists that grace the pages of the first issue and if you don't then you are sure to become new fans of them.

The Espy awards as well as the MTV Movie awards are just around the corner and I am so excited about it and wonder who will be receiving my work.

I also have a website that I am redesigning for a very talented artist named Lora Shelley. I am giving her a whole new updated look to showcase her beautiful artwork.

I guess that is all for now. I must get back to painting, I think time travel is the order for today, perhaps even a few superpowers too, we'll see what comes out the end of my brush.


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