Saturday, May 15, 2010

Usquequaque Prosum

Usquequaque Prosum, I recently learned this phrase while working on a freelance job. Usquequaque Prosum means, if loosely, "Always Do Good"

Now anyone that knows me knows how much I love animals and there must be a cosmic sign over my home that only animals can read and it says I am a safe haven.

For about a week I have seen a beautiful orange and white tabby, rather young and very elusive and it wasn't until 2 days ago I understood why.

I had begun the task of yard work after not being able to get outside because of the weather or other engagements. Against my house was a bunch of tall weeds that have taken root in the spring. I have an old picnic table that houses my container garden up against the house and below it is a basement window-well...and well that is when I came across this:

Yup 5 of them all tucked away next to the window shielded from the elements by the well cover and safely under the table, perfect spot. I certainly do not need any more animals as I have 6 cats of my own but if I do not do something now these little guys will reproduce and become an even bigger problem so guess who has a litter of kittens for a while? Now of course I wouldn't let mom stay out there making more kittens so out came the Have-A-Heart trap and within an hour she too was caught.

Thankfully I have friends that volunteer for S.A.R.A. a wonderful rescue and they have been giving me guidance, lent me a cage for mom and a lot of other help. I never had baby kittens before as all my cats were young adults when they adopted me so this is certainly a learning experience and I am a nervous new mommy.

Since this is kitten season and they are so overwhelmed I will be taking care of these guys until they can be checked and fixed as well as their mom. Hopefully I can work with mom so she can be placed in a home. Right now she is feral and maybe with a little love and lots of patience I can turn her around...spaying might help too.

I have seemed to go off the subject of art which is the norm for this blog but animal welfare is very important to me and I wanted to share. Maybe it will inspire some of you to "Always Do Good" in whatever is close to your heart.


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