Sunday, May 16, 2010

Everywhere, Cats

Floral Calico Kitty Rescue Bumper Sticker bumpersticker
Floral Calico Kitty Rescue Bumper Sticker

Now, I can't imagine why I have cats on my mind, well maybe I could and I guess these floral calico cats came out of my recent backyard find.

I have found that I am quite fluent in Cat but my Kitten is not so good. One quizzical tilt of the head of any of my cats and I know immediately what they need, they have me trained well. Kittens are not so easy. They mew and cry all of the time and sometimes I think it is just because -with no reason behind it.

I love these little guys, the entertainment is endless and yesterday after a little play session some of them were so tired they started to fall asleep standing up. Their little eyes would droop and over they went into a deep little kitten sleep. I am glad they are here, they make me feel needed which is something I do not often feel anymore and I am enjoying the time I have with them.

If you purchase any of the Floral Calico Kitty line (or anything in any of my stores for that matter) it will help me to make sure these little guys get the care that is needed. Vet bills are costly and there are five kittens and a mom, all of which deserve a better life than that of the street reproducing.

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