Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes Things Are Not So Rosy

Yesterday mom cat was dropped off to be spayed, tested, and ear tagged in the event that she could not be tamed (we are still working on that part) I returned later that day to pick her up and found that she is FELV positive and I am heartbroken. I also understand that there is a good chance some of her kittens may have it too and that I should prepare myself. What I did not prepare myself for is the quickness of loosing one of them. It happened this morning at 2 am, one of the little ones died in my arms, he was so little and so young.

I have had many, many pets and the loss of any of them does not get easier, this one is certainly no different. There are things that go through your head when something sudden like this happens, the "what if I only" are there, even if it is an irrational thought, but as a dear friend reminded me, at least he died in my arms and was very loved instead of being outside all alone. I just wish I could have done more, so goodbye little guy, you were here only a short time but you were such a pleasure to have around.


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